Leading with Authenticity and Integrity

Hosted by Alicia M. Rodriguez, Founder of Sophia Associates, Inc. and trusted advisor to emerging and current leaders for 20 years.

Watch the 60 minute Masterclass


How emotional Intelligence plays a significant role in Authentic Leadership and what you can do to develop it.


What gets in the way of leading authentically and how to overcome the fear of being judged.


How authentic leaders make difficult decisions while staying true to their inner values and integrity.

Unscripted and Real Conversations

In this pre-recorded master class Alicia Rodriguez engages the participants on a frank and informal conversation on what it means to lead with authenticity and integrity.

Coaching Conversations Master Classes were designed to be informal but highly valuable in providing answers to the questions emerging leaders ask.

These master classes are unscripted with participants actively engaging in their learning process.

Questions asked, resources shared and the contributions of the participants lead to an active learning experience with practical application of concepts and frameworks.

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