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It's time for Women Leaders to Stand Up and Stand Out.

Women are poised to lead despite the unique challenges they face. Learn how to Stand Up for yourself and Stand Out in your organization. This video training series gives you the tools you need to get noticed, get ahead and get paid what you're worth.

Learn how to Embody Female Leadership With Authenticity and Power


In this video series you'll learn how to....

Manage Your Career

Discover what's keeping you from being the valued, confident leader you are capable of being. Tap into your talents, skills and experience while developing others.

Discover how to avoid the 5 Leadership Myths that can sabotage your success as a leader.

Get Noticed & Promoted

As you learn how to share your achievements - in a non-braggy way - you'll naturally start to Stand Up and Stand Out and land the top spots.

Learn how to create your personal brand and get others to advocate for your success. Enlist these 10 Strategies To Advance Your Career. 

Ask For What You Want

Stop wasting your time and instead choose to align everything you do with your goal of landing a leading position that serves your interests, needs and purpose.

Get my script and learn exactly what to say and not say to ask for and get what you want.


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