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Welcome to my wisdom vault! I'm on a journey to help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true as you learn how to live in alignment - heart, mind, body and soul - with what is true for you. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you'll know when new courses come available!

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Let's Grow Together

Never compromise your growth for comfort, your joy for conformity or your truth for acceptance. Take chances so you can grow and amplify your influence in the world.

I love teaching about everything from going through life transitions, to women leading with heart and confidence to getting into the flow of your life with grace and ease. There's a lot to discuss, let's start this beautiful journey together!

"Alicia is a true 'wisdom partner'. She is generous with her knowledge and experience while holding a safe place for me to share my fears and challenges so I can move beyond them. Everyone should have an 'Alicia' in their life."

-Jennifer B.



She has been described as a multi-discipline coach for multi-dimensional people.

She works with individuals all over the world who are committed to intentionally designing a life of meaning and joy that is in alignment with what matters most to them.

First and foremost, she is an inspirational writer. A masterful storyteller, her blog posts and articles are infused with humor, wisdom and practical suggestions that shift perspectives and transform lives.

She is the founder of Quinta Oasis in Ecuador, a retreat center on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador. She runs personal and small group curated restorative retreats to Ecuador for busy social entrepreneurs, change agents and those looking for more meaning and significance in life.

She is the author of Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You: More Joy and Less Stress in 365 Days and EveryDay Epiphanies: Insights for Living with Purpose.  She writes and blogs for several online magazines including Tiny Buddha, The Wellness Universe and more.

She is the President of Sophia Associates Inc. an international leadership development practice where she has worked for 20 years with visionary leaders, executive women, creative and social entrepreneurs and change agents on Conscious Leadership practices. 

She writes, blogs and speaks on issues of conscious living, purposeful leadership, women’s issues and personal evolution. 

Alicia leads a location independent lifestyle. She left the corporate world to live an independent lifestyle of freedom and purposeful work writing on transpersonal topics enhanced by the spirituality of South America.

She enjoys meaningful conversations, cooking with friends, fine wine, strong coffee, dogs (or any animals), a good sense of humor, treks through the rainforest, meditating by the ocean and walks in nature. She appreciates grace, beauty and peace as much as she embodies the qualities of a warrior, leader and sage. 

Skype: aliciamrodriguez

WhatsApp: +593 (0) 99-037-8580‬

For more information please click below for Alicia's business websites.

Discover the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Full of insights and reflections on life the Blog will provoke new perspectives, inspire you when you need support and teach simple practices for more conscious living. 

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